Welcome to Y.P. Taekwondo Academy

Our school focuses on teaching the traditional Korean martial art and self defense techniques, characterized by punching and kicking techniques, with emphasis on head-height kicks, jumping spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques. We also offer personalized or group classes.

Our Vision

To equip every student with the ability to defend themselves and protect others. We further envision to help them be more self-confident and develop a more positive attitude toward life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help develop the mind and hearts of every student as well as sharpening their martial art skills.

Our Philosophy

Our school philosophy involves honor, respect, integrity, self-restraint, perseverance, and commitment.

What We Offer

All Skill

Students at all levels from Beginners to higher degree levels in their Taekwondo journey are all welcome !


Our masters and instructors are well trained professional Taekwondo practitioners with 30+ years of experience.

Get Fit &

We also offer different types of exercise activities focusing on health and fitness of our students

Traditional Taekwondo

Our school teaches different Taekwondo forms which is a sequence of movements and represents various offensive and defensive postures.


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Regular Sessions

Taekwondo Forms

Self Defense Sessions

People About Us

When I started TaeKwonDo 2 years ago, I was very
nervous, I always used to feel scared and was having lack of confidence. When I came to know about this school and what it offers,
I immediately decided to go for it. Master Yonel has taught me so many
techniques and has made me what I am today. With his guidance I am
moving towards my goal of getting black belt.

Jigna Gandhi

Computer Engineer

I started joining Taekwondo classes with my wife few months ago,
initially I used to get very tired but then my energy level increased dramatically. I am now more focused and dedicated to reach my next level belt. I even lost weight and got back into shape. Thank you Master Yonel Pierre for this transformation !!

Dhaval Girnara

Chartered Accountant

Upcoming Events


Color Belt Testing

Welcome to our color belt testing where students will be performing their kicks and forms to achieve next level.

Welcome to Y.P. Taekwondo Academy.